Optimize website page content

The performance of your site in the search engine results pages and therefore how a potential customer finds your site is dependent on a whole host of issues. There is no such thing as a static page one of Google now with everyone trying to get to the top for particular keywords. One thing is for sure, everything stems from the text content you deliver on the site. Is it relevant, up to date, do others actively share your information, is it linked to from other other websites?

More importantly and since recent updates, Google has changed the way it interprets search queries, understanding the intention of the searcher rather than what keywords the searcher uses has to be considered. Keywords and their research can no longer be used in isolation when determining page content.

How we can help:

  • Ensure your site has been built to make it friendly to the search engines, including its navigation system, page content and layout.
  • Ensure your site is being indexed effectively by the search engines.
  • Ensure that the search results that Google generates for your site are as rich in content as possible.
  • Ensure your sites pages load quickly.
  • Effectively link your sites content to it's author.
  • Use methods to build your reputation, authority and brand trust.

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