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You will notice that more and more sites show the padlock symbol against the url at the top of the browser. You will also see that rather than the site url starting with http:// it starts with https://. This is a sign that the site has an SSL certificate installed. SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a technology used to encrypt data between your website and a users browser. SSL tends to be used to encrypt sensitive data such as credit card details when someone checkouts from your online store. More often though, it is not just the checkout pages that are encrypted but the whole site that benefits from this technology. Indeed google relies on SSL for all its pages now.

From a business point of view showing that your site is fully encrypted using SSL shows that you have taken steps to protect your customers data from prying eyes and that you are encouraging an air of trust, reliability and security.

There are benefits from a search ranking point of view too. Google has announced that  it will give a slight priority to sites that use SSL in it's search index. Every little helps!

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